Here comes the slimmest DVR at the moment! Echostar’s FreeView+ HDT-610R: EchoStar Slimmest DVR In The World! By purchasing one unit of the FreeView+ HD, user will be eligible to 50 jaw dropping digital channels including BBC One HD, BBC HD, ITV1 HD and Channel 4 HD, where all subscriptions are free for legitimate buyer for one off payment.

Carrying UK design, EchoStar’s FreeView HDT-601R DVR comes with a built in 500GB hard drive with capability to record up to 300 hours in standard definition, or up to 125 hours in High Definition.


The twin tuner will connect your set of top box to the slim outlook DVR and setting which cable TV channel you wish to record. Featuring an HD on-screen guide with plug and play installation, this user friendly Ultra Slim DVR will get you in complete control of your digital entertainment experience, you could set up it up in matter of minutes using the on-screen set-up wizard.

EchoStar Freeview+ HD comes with overall box dimension of 270 x 204 x 14-mm(WxDxH), mainly to help users to record high definition digital TV broadcast or saving list of programs for your Smart TV entertainment session.


Supports Dolby Digital Plus audio technology for amazing digital sound whenever you’re connected to a compatible home cinema system and receiving compatible broadcasts.

We can’t find other information regarding the HDMI port, if it is solely for connecting (output) to your HDTV or Smart TV, you might not be able to record some HD 1080p videos from other HDMI devices, please check with the relevant merchant regarding this issue if you want to record videos/broadcast from other HDMI enabled devices.


FreeView+ HD digital TV recorder is built with aluminium chassis, offering various features of:

  • Watch, pause & record TV in high definition
  • Unique design; ultra slim case & award winning on-screen guide
  • Smart TV+ ready; entertainment on demand* & catch-up TV
  • High capacity recording; 300 hours in SD, or up to 125 hours in HD
  • Twin Tuner; pause live TV, record two programmes at the same time or a complete series
  • Easy install with on-screen set-up wizard
  • HDMI connection for a crystal clear picture
  • Vibrant, full colour HD guide
  • Future proofed; Internet connectivity for new feature & Smart TV updates+

Pre-order via Amazon should be available shortly, click here to check it out!

[ Source: EchoStar FreeView HDT-601R ]