A pillow that created with 26 hi-resolution images of the moon’s surface, the Full Moon Odyssey floor pillow is one cool living room gadget that has a diameter of 5-foot wide.


The Full Moon Odyssey is a design by Lily Suh, a South Korean designer at i3 Labs. Did she inspired by the annual moon festival? Or perhaps a a loyal space enthusiasts? With such comfort looking, could you resist not to get one once it is available? Sadly, this Full Moon Odyssey floor pillow still a concept at this moment.

Thanks to Molly, I rechecked this Full Moon Odyssey Floor Mattress and is now in its real product available at i3Lab in Kuala Lumpur for a ‘moon’ high price of USD790, a price enough for getting forty boxes of high quality moon cakes during the moon festival in China!

[ Source: i3 Labs ]