An iron claw hammer that comes with brass handle, 4 different screwdrivers on stored inside the hammer handle, consists of two small straight and two large Philips style blades, the smallest one is capable to help tighten eyeglass screws.

The idea is to help user to reduce the number of tools inside their small toolbox by combining common tools into a multi-functions iron hammer and screwdrivers on the hammer’s handle. The smaller screwdrivers are made in such dimension that allow the smaller screwdrivers to be hidden inside the handle of the larger screwdriver’s handle.


The dimension of this GAM Hammer 6-in-1 Claw Hammer and Philips Screwdriver Combination tool is 2-7/8 x 7-3/4-inches. Built using soild brass handle and iron hammer head, all steel is plated with bright shinny nickel.

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