Hate to iron your shirts every morning prior rushing to your office? A convenience yet effective way to get those wrinkles from your clothes is using following Garment Steamer that earned the best steamer by offering five steam settings, a garment brush and a retractable gament pole for ease of storage.

The dimension of this Garment Steamer is 65 x 14.5 x 9-inches (HxWxD), weighing 4 lbs. For steaming, this model earned best rating by the merchant, simply because it removes wrinkles and produces steam faster than similar devices in its category. This model is capable to remove wrinkles from a silk scarf, a wool suit coat, and a cotton shirt in 1 1/2 minutes on average, while similar model from other brands took 50 percent longer time to accomplish the task.


It emits steam in a mere 60 seconds, fastest among all other competing models, the water reservoir able to holds up to 88-oz water for continuous steaming up to 1.5 hours long. The steam control buttons are located on the hose handle for convenient reach, while the clips at the top and bottorm of the garment pole is designed to hold clothes taut for more effective and optimal wrinkles removal as well as optimal positioning purpose using the swiveling hanger while steaming.

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