If you are sick of seeing your kids stick to the couch all day long playing video games or watching TV, here is a cute little pedometer that has activity trackers and does not require manual logins.

The GeoPalz pedometer will help to detech your kid’s daily activities and counted the steps as miles / points for redemption of all sorts of real prizes that will be shipped to your house and award certificates that could be printed and hung on a wall.

geopalz pedometer for kids

Unlike the original version, the new GeoPalz, kids are encourage to stay away from computer, which is a short of new idea of getting the butt off the chair. Parents could review their kids’ progress update through the website to know how far their kid has walked, there will be graphs and charts for viewing the daily performance trend, whether it is more, less or average.

GeoPalz also looking future collaboration with local base merchants for special ‘healthy’ prizes to further encourage your kids to move and doing more ‘real’ physical activities.

Price: USD19.98 [ Buy GeoPalz pedometer, right here! ]

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