Google has unveiled their latest Glass Explorer Edition eyewear prototype as a wearable computing device running Android OS, and was bringing more information about the eyewear’s Projet Glasses at the I/O developer conference held few days ago.

The transparent screen is located in front of the wearer’s right eye, and touch contorl area on the side of the eyewear for commands via touch as well as voice commands. Interestingly, Google has designed the Glass Explorer with other motion sensitive gyroscope and accelerometer that will detect user’s head motion.


Let’s roll the latest demo video for the Google’s Glass Explorer Edition eyewear…

Video & Images Credit: Google

Google has also made the Glass Explorer available for those attendees of Google I/O event for pre-order at $1500 price tag. Expect for shipment by early next year, no hint if the price tag will bear the same level for the I/O attendees as well.


More info about Google’s Glass Explorer could be obtained over the official blog, right here.

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