Ultra rugged and heavy wire tires are a new collaboration project between NASA and Goodyear to build ultimate off-road tire. The material, as mentioned earlier, are made of woven wire, or better known as springs tire.

Goodyear-Nasa-tiresThe supper rugged wire tires are made of layers of springs, design as such, it will meet the most extreme and demanding environments possible. Predictably, NASA is planning to use the woven-wire tires for the outer space explorations in the alien territory.

Eliminating the high temperature possibility, above Goodyear’s super rugged wire tires withstand impacts and survive them much much better than your average inflated rubber. The spring tires will adjust itself according to the terrain, providing excellent traction and movements.

Tested on a lunar rover, Spring Tire has received a top prize at R&D 100 in Orlando, Florida this year, and the next target is becoming part of NASA’s lunar mission in near future, provided, China and India also come up with similar idea, this wire tires are potentially the first of its kind that will be leaving the spring tires’ marks on the moon.

Not much details about the tires’ dimension, weight or pricing yet.

[ Source: Geeky-Gadgets ; Mangalorean ; Good Year ; NASA ]