Latest application released by Google today is called Gesture Search. The application was designed for US mobile phones that run Android 2 or above OS. The Gesture Search will let you to browse your mobile phones easily, either for searching contacts, bookmarking, organizing documents using a simple drawing of letter on your mobile phone’s touchscreen.


Google’s Gesture Search works as if you are jotting down command-symbol that will let the software refine on what you are searching to. This cool Gesture Search application will learns from your search history and refines the results for future reference, resulting faster and more accurate searches.

If you have an Google Android US cell phone that is running Android 2 or above OS, you could download Google Gesture Search from the Android Market and start to enjoy the gesture search application.

If you your phone does not use Android 2 don’t worry as Google are hoping to upgrade all US Android Handsets to Android 2.1 later this year.