South Korea will be the host of 17th Asian Games. This time the Asian Games Stadium will be built on Incheon. Below are some illustrations of the Stadium’s designs. This is a collaboration work between South Korea’s Architect giant – Heerim Architects and Planners plus the global architecture firm – Populous (formerly known as HOK Sport Venue Event).








The stadium design is planned to hold 70,000 people for the main event in 2014 and will reduce down to a single sided grandstand for 30,000 afterward as a People’s Park for the city of Incheon. However, some minus point from are the limited parking sites on the design. If there will be a huge parking space and supporting hotels on the surrounding area, believably this will be another great place to visit in 2014.

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We can argue about whether it looks like an alien spaceship, a colony on a distant planet, or something else, but let’s agree that the winning stadium design for the 2014 Asian Games is mind-blowingly gorgeous.

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