Have you ever been too tired and overslept and did not notice your baby have been crying for hours in his/her bedroom? Following GosCam Wireless Baby Monitor will detect your baby’s voice and alarm you when your baby is crying.


Working on 2.4Ghz Wireless Frequency for a operational distance approx. up to 100m away in an open space area (without any walls), this GosCam Wireless Baby Monitor is equipped with 2.4 Inch TFT display, mic and speaker. The device comes with four channel selected receiver, PAL and NTSC system, four channel selected night vision wireless camera (up to 7 meters) and a Lithium battery.

The GosCam Wireless Baby Monitor supports data privacy protection, it could recognize User ID. Other features such as Bi-Directional Transmission and support data encryption. Recognized video format is AVI and music format MP3. The GosCam Wireless Baby Monitor comes with multi-languages capabilities and could be powered using AC or rechargeable Li-battery.


GosCam 2.4Ghz Wireless Frequency Wireless Baby Monitor provide up to 628×582 resolution for PAL sytem and 510×492 resolution for NTSC. It has a dimension of 94x67x16x39mm, weighing 0.182kg.

The Goscam wireless baby monitor’s camera is also capable of capturing images or videos up to 45 degree angle, with scanning horizontal scanning frequency at 15.625KHz(PAL) and 15.734KHz(NTSC) and 50Hz(PAL),60Hz(NTSC) for the vertical scanning frequency range.

Wholesale Price: USD127.99 [ get one here ]