You might not have read about capacitive stylus that designed with solid aerospace-grade aluminum that comes with rare earth magnets inside for ease of ‘attaching’ the stylus onto tablets, iPads or other magnetic surfaces.

GoSmart has recently unveiled two models of 300 Series and 200 Series capacitive stylus that constructed using above description, with the former model taking the shape of a rocket fin cap, while the second model with standard pen cap shape with a clip.

Let’s roll the commercial video for more info…

These GoSmart’s Stylus pens are boasted to be the smoothest and most precise stylus for iPads, touchscreen tablets, smartphones as well as other capacitive touch devices. Unlike conventional capacitive styluses that comes with either thick rubber or plastic disk tip, both the 300- and 200-Series GoSmart Stylus pens are teflon coated with unique stainless steel tip that allow user to get clear and precise viewing for their selection on the touch surface.



The patent pending tip is designed with capacitive coupling technology, utilizing the principle of a conductive wire’s electric fields that extend beyond the wire itself, the stylus performs quite operation on iPad as well as other touchscreen and work well with surface with protective film too.


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