Gresso has unveiled the Lady Blanche Diamonds and Lady Blanche Crystals, two elegant and stylish white color iPhone 4 models exclusively for ladies market. The iPhone 4 Lady Blanche Diamonds is decorated with white diamonds, while Lady Blanche Crystals with Swarovski crystals.


At the rear side of the iPhone 4 Lady Blanche, you will see three independent swiss clockworks with a ten-year movement reserve, showing the time for New York, Paris and Moscow, and for the Lady Blanche Diamonds model there are three decorative pearl dials with white diamonds of 0.01 carats or Swarovski crystals for the Lady Blanche Crystals model.


The rear panel of the iPhone 4 Lady Blanche is framed in solid diamond-coated mineral glass.


  • Lady Blanche Diamonds = USD30,000.- [ available with advanced order ]
  • Lady Blanche Crystals = USD7,000.- [ 150 units ]

[ Source: Gresso ]