A completely wireless 3D TV was unveiled by Haier during the CES 2012 early this year. Adopting Magnetic Resonance method, the 55-inch 3D TV does not equipped with any power plug, while for the video transmission it is using the Wireless Home Digital Interface (WHDI) for high speed wireless streaming.

Unlike the 32-inch wireless tv showed in 2010, Haier’s 55-inch 3D TV seems to be slimmer and get a better design outlook. The prototype, which showcased at CES 2012 is using a 55-inch LCD panel and called the display as ‘Completely Wireless TV’.

Haier-55-inch-cordless-3d-tv-front-angle-viewThis time, a power-receiving coil was located near the bottom of the TV while a power-transmitting device was stored in the box on which the TV was placed. The distance between the bottom side of the TV and the power-transmitting device was about eight inches (about 20cm), Haier said.

Haier-55-inch-cordless-3d-tv-rear-angle-viewNo info about commercialization by the time we write this report, but it will be exciting to get greener treatment using the Howard Johnson’s magnetic motor for greener energy sources!

China seems pretty aggressive for introducing the wireless tv, but we still need to keep our finger crossed as hardly anyone knows what the potential side effects or harmful impact of Magnetic Resonance power transmission might bring to human health yet.

[ Source: TechOn Japan ; Haier ]