Haier has showcased their latest 58-inches Brain Wave TV at CES 2012, an innovative product that allows users to remotely control the TV using the power of mind, and a headset to do the trick.

If you have special interest in doing the hand’s work using your mind, this mind control Haier’s Brain Wave headset let you experience with the power of your mind for switching channel, access menu as well as other features exists on ordinary remote control.

Video Credit: Engadget, Sean Buckley and Mat Smith

However, it seems Haier’s Brain Wave TV headset is yet to be final, as the left and right moving for playing the TV games not seems to be working properly on the above video.

haier-brain-wave-tv-headsetAnyway, it should be reasonably fine for tuning up or down the volume, changing channel without having to get a remote control, hopefully someday, will it be Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo will come up with a more accurate mind control headset.

[ Source: Engadget ; Haier America ]