A fancy desktop style hand moisturizer with a dimension about a canon’s ink-jet desktop printer, following aestheticians Hand Moisturizer is designed with ultrasonic technology to help folks with dry, chapped hand skin.

The device capable to produce mist with temperature output ranging from 62 to 92 degree Fahrenheit, could be used alone or in conjuction to moisturizers and skin care treatments lotions. The idea is to let the device’s ultrasonic transducer to emits oxygenated warm or cool hydrating mist seven times smaller than water droplets to penetrate deep into the skin levels and help to keep hands smooth and supple.


Boasts to be the same technology used by professional aestheticians to rejuvenate dry, chapped skin, this should be one option for moms that seeking ‘at-home’ type of beauty device. Operation is simple, insert both hands inside the unit’s front and allow the moist and heat to help supple your dry hands’ skin.

Weighing about 3 pounds, you could get this ultrasonic hand moisturizer right here!