A cute looking Hello Kitty device has become the main design for the new Portable Navigation System and a portable digital TV. Unveiled by Seiwa for Japan market, the 7-inches WVGA 1Seg Hello Kitty portable TV and GPS device has started selling in Japan.


The GPS and portable digital TV device comes in two models of GPS module and touchscreen and without GPS module and touchscreen. Both models will have 1Seg TV Tuner, Digital TV Tuner, and GPS, touchscreen panel (for the models with GPS and touchscreen).

Recognized file format including DVIX:DVIX3/4/5/6/XVID(QPEL)/WMV7/8/9 for videos and AC3/AAC/MP2/MP3/WMA for audio.


  • GPS model: JPY65,000.-
  • TV model: JPY30,000.-