The second generation of an in-air motion sensing device called Scoop Pointer is unveiled by Hillcrest Labs. Designed with 6-axis motion control, 3-axis digital gyroscope, 3-axis digital magnetometer and 3-axis digital accelerometer, Hillcrest’s Scoop Pointer In-Air mouse is a handy, compact type of handheld mouse with similar function with a TV remote. The difference, would be, you will see pointer on your monitor or TV while browsing around the screen.


Scoop Pointer In-Air motion sensing device promises better gesture experience, while offer greater flexibility and speed in accessing menu or data using various offline or online applications. Basically, Scoop Pointer works similar to an Air Mouse.

Currently manufactured to satisfy the OEM demand from companies that require exclusivity right on this particular product. You might still have to wait for couples of months prior seeing one on the retail shelves in your country.

[ Source: Hardwaresphere ; Hill Crest Labs ]