Darwin Theory of Evolution pointed that human was an evolution from other ‘similar’ species. But nothing pointed out more with the high resemblance of human face to a chimpanzee’s.

to-be-someone-mint-design-face-mask Did you ever wonder any designer would come up with a face mask that will transform a human face into a chimpanzee? Back in 2009, Mint Design has come out with the ‘To Be Someone fashion face masks 2-in-1‘ that provide you two type of masks, one resembling a human face, and the other one resembling a chimpanzee.

Perhaps, the increasing potential for human towards newly mutated bird flu would triggers more types of eccentric face mask in near future?

Mint Design’s To Be Someone 2-in-1 fashion face masks are made of high quality ephemeral non-woven fabric. Partly fashion-art?

Price: USD92.- [ excluding worldwide shipping cost of USD18.- ]

[ Source: Mint-Designs ]