Designed with a conventional Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) method, HumanScale, a Sweden base air purifier manufacturer, has recently unveiled their desktop style Humanair Air Purifier. Humanair Air Purifier requires 22W of electricity in order to run the device.


Humanair Air Purifier is claimed having the capability to eliminate up to 99 per cent of all airborne contaminants, including Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). It has a silent operation with a minimum noise level, LED light signal to indicate filter cleaning or filter replacement time, and it is designed with ozone-free operation.

The paper filter could be reused after cleaned with vacuum cleaner or you could replace the paper with other paper products. In short, Humanair is an eco-friendly Air Purifier that helps to clean airborne pollutants, dusts, particles and other biological contaminants.


They look similar to conventional desktop fan, don’t they? Expect HumanScale’s Humanair Air Purifier arrive in U.S store by October this year.

HumanScale Humanair Air Purifier Features:

  • Removes more than 99% of all airborne contaminants, including Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs);
  • Operates in virtual silence with no noticeable breeze, so the unit can be placed near the user without distraction;
  • Small size for unobtrusive placement and operation;
  • Ideal for use in office, hospitality, healthcare or home environments;
  • Creates no ozone;
  • Paper filter can be vacuumed and reused or recycled with other paper products;
  • LED alert signals when it’s time to clean or change the filter;
  • World’s most energy-efficient air cleaner.

Price: USD300.-

[ Source: Hardwaresphere ; HumanScale ]