Unlike the solar, helium and wind powered hybrid vehicles from SolarShip, following Hybrid Air Vehicles is a company founded in 2007 by late Roger Munk that unveiled two massive commercial ‘hi-tech’ helium-filled airship that designed with semi-rigid lifting and aerodynamic bodies.

For flying, the Hybrid Air Vehicles’ airship rely on vectored thrust located at the onboard engines and the aero-lifet from the body shape for up to 40 percent of their lifting capacity, while helium providing the rest.


In addition, the use of pontoons on the underside of the hull that feature hovercraft-like skirts and driven fans means that that the aircraft can land on earth, concrete or water without ground crew.


These Hybrid Air Vehicles’ airship has the capability to stay airborne up to 21 days and come with the capability to lift capacity up to 200 tonnes. Discovery Air Innovations of Canada has agreed to become the first civil customer for Hybrid Air Vehicles that plan to purchase a number of heavy-lift variant (up to 50 vehicles if operation going smoothly) that has capability to lift up to 50 tonnes and reach 100 knots (185 km/h or about 115 mph) of speed.

Hybrid Air Vehicles foresees that in near future, large growing number of sectors will eventually realize how huge the potentiality of hybrid air vehicles as an affordable alternative in aviation industry.

[ Source: Hybrid Air Vehicles ]