A concept by Dindo Mangubat, Hydraulic Silo an entry concept for Create The Future Contest. Hydraulic Silo concept is basically a hydro electric generator system that will generate infinite amount of electricity as long as the water pump running.

The main energy source is water current is circulated through the ‘looping mechanism’ and it will generate the turbine and will activate the generator for electricity creation.


Five important component in the Hydraulic Silo concept’s nano hydropower plant are:

  • A water tank that acts as a reservoir,
  • A water pump to increase water pressure,
  • A starter to turn on the water pump,
  • A turbine to convert the energy in water to electricity and of course
  • A generator.

The mini hydro powerplant starts the water tank is filled with water, and the water pump must be started using external power sources in order to create enough pressure and energy through its water current for initiating the blades of the turbine. Once the turbine’s blades turn, you could disconnect the external power source from the pump. The turning turbine’s blades will spin the generator through the connected pulley, timing belt and a gear mechanism located at both the turbine to generator.

Once passes through the turbine and reaches the cycle, the water current will be directed back to the water tank and be used again in an unending looping. In order to create larger amount of electricity, you will need to calculate the water pressure, RPM of the turbine blades and the corresponding generator for electricity generation.


The Hydraulic Silo concept is ideal to satisfy eco-friendly, ‘green’ electricity demands for households or small farms. You could also use it for powering various household electronics appliances including washing machine, radio, dvd player, hdtv, and so on.

One important consideration is on the water pressure after the water pump unplug from the power outlet, will it still circulate in a desired pressure to turn the turbine blades to roll pulley-belt mechanism for on-going spinning of the generator?

[ Source: EcoFriend ; Create The Future Contest By NASA Tech Briefs And SolidWorks ]