Have you ever heard about HHO alternative fuel? Then you might want to know about the power of your own Hydrogen Car. Following toy manufacturer will teach you and your kids on how to build a simple Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car.



Fuel Cell X7 edition is created to suit users in both content and price. The manual is designed to focus on building and designing a fuel cell car, minus all the comprehensive theory about the science of fuel cells and solar cells found in original version.

The toy is targeted for kids at younger age, in order to create awareness about the simplicity and general idea on how to create a hydrogen fuel cell car.

With its new focus, some parts have become unnecessary and have been removed to reduce the cost. The kit that is right for you or your child will depend on your needs, interest level, and age group.

* Assemble a working fuel cell car
* Discover how fuel cells work
* Use a unique reversible fuel cell
* Learn about the potential alternative energies for automobiles
* Learn about fuel cell car design

Price:USD 99.95 [ get it from Make Shed here ]