Affordable digital voice recorders that are perfect for recording lectures or interviews from Sony are ICD-BX800 and ICD-PX820.


Sony ICD-BX800 and ICD-PX820 come with 2GB flash memory, and depend on the recording quality, it will be enough for storing up to 500 hours of recording time. You will need two AAA battery in order to run Sony ICD-BX800 or ICD-PX820 digital voice recorder.

Sony ICD-BX800 and ICD-PX820 – Recording and Playback Times :

  • SHQ-44.1kHz/192k: 22 hours 15minutes;
  • HQ-44.1kHz/128k: 33 hours 20 minutes;
  • SP-44.1kHz/48k: 89 hours;
  • LP-11.025kHz/8k: 534 hours 25 minutes.

Sony ICD-BX800 = USD32.83 [ buy it here ]
Sony ICD-PX820 = USD59.90 [ buy it here ]

[ Source: Sony Style ]