Cool, crisp and flavorful beverages, get a taste of spring flow on a glass of breezing vodka during the sunny days this coming summer. iceDrops is another creative project featured on Kickstarter with ceramic made shapes that could be ordered in various terms of shape, style and eventually color while being non-porous and non-imparting.

A proprietary recipe of porcelain was chosen because of its ease of use in manufacturing complex shapes and for its thermodynamic properties. Inert and non-porous, porcelain perfectly addresses the need for a safe and enjoyable way to keep your drink cool.



In reality, the functionality of iceDrops is about the similar to whiskey stones, the idea is using the freezing soapstone and put them into your whiskey glass, allow transfer of low temperature from the stone to the whiskey for an icy drink.

However, unlike conventional soapstone, the ceramic made iceDrops promise to offer better resistancy against scratches compare to the conventional soapstones and safer long term usage with no residues of stone like material on your beverages.

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