Have you watched the iRobot? Do you think that someday, somehow, robot could lie to its creator and start killing human kind to conquer planet earth? Well, at least there has been a capricious freaky notion about what near future robot capable of doing.

A team of scientists at Italian Institute of Technology’s (IIT) Advanced Robotics Dept lead by Dr. Petar Kormushev has recently taught human skills to a robot they have created called iCub. iCub itself is an open-source robot, and it is  loaded up with Augmented Reward Chained Regression (ARCHER) learning algorithm.


Unlike any other robot, iCub’s learning algorithm, to learn and model how to use a bow and arrow. And to the creators’ surprise, it only took iCub eight shots before he could start hitting the bullseye in his next shots, every time.

Not ask you to become a paranoia, but if this is the new era for humanoid robots, you should pray well that world war III never take place in our human history. Human soldiers will be destined for doomed if developed countries are using robot soldiers to sabotage those developing or under developed countries!!

[ Source: Technabob ; Kormushev ; Italian Institute of Technology ]