Here comes another Christmas artwork by Thomas Kinkade. The Illuminated Crystal Snowman also taking a three-dimensional approach in the creation, hand-painted winter tableau inside the snowman depicts snowcapped Victorian homes with illuminated windows and lampposts.

If you are great in observing miniature stuffs, you will notice the ‘icy’ pond, holidy revelers comes in rich detail. There is also a five-car train that circles the snow-covered base while the snowman comes with a top hat, silvery scarf and mittens, on the right hand is the 19th century-styled lantern.


The dimension of Crystal Snowman is 12 x 7.5-inch (HxD), weighing 5 lbs. The windows and lampposts is designed with illuminating feature, however, it needs 2x AA batteries or directly plug into AC to start the illumination effects.


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