Following black giant ball is the Immersive Cocoon concept introduced by NAU Design and Advertising firm. The Immersive Cocoon concept is used for educational purposes, offering immersive qualities of 3D that no 3D TVs thus far capable to provide.

NAU’s Immersive Cocoon concept collaborate the 3D altogether to place users inside a four meter (13 ft) diameter carbon fiber sphere featuring a 360 degree interior dome-display.



The spherical dome is built using sophisticated motion-sensing software that will detect motion through the cameras, motion-detect floor panels, surround sound and even air conditioning. Viewers could navigate into the recreated the underwater world enjoy viewing the floating under the ocean with jellyfish or into the Pompeii, the sunken Egyptian tombs, using hand gestures and body movements.





NAU is looking forward to get the immersive cocoon concept for corporate leasing or executive airport lounges. Hey, fancy Las Vegas airport should have one too!