Roland DG has unveiled the compact, affordable type of new 3D printer that will be released next year. Coded iModela iM-01, the 3D printer is bundled with iModela Creator design software for creating cute collectibles including pendants, charms, key chains and wide range of existing 3D designs that you can print it out immediately.

Roland DG iModela iM-01 Mini 3D Printer is an amazing small 3D printer to print out a design into a physical three dimensional prototype. It is also possible for creating a large 3D prototype, provided you know how to design the break apart of the interlocking parts.


iModela iM-01 Mini 3D Printer could really cut down the manufacturing cost of building a prototype model. Suitable for designers that love to see the physical shape of their conceptual design prior suggesting the design on a creative meeting.

iModela iM-01 Mini 3D printer uses several type of materials, including wax, balsa wood, foam and plastic for the 3D figures or objects printing. A simple USB2.0 port will bridge the iModela iM-01 Mini 3D printer with your computer. Roland DG’s iModela iM-01 small 3D printer works smoothly on PCs or laptops running Windows XP, Vista and 7 OS.

No details about pricing and exact release date yet.

[ Source: Hardwaresphere ; Roland DG ]