Have you seen or heard about inflatable chair with built-in stereo speakers? iMusic is the chair designed for geeks ages 8 and up that have special interest toward music listening.

A neat addition for your dorm, bedroom or entertainment room, and yes, you could put it in a pool and it would float, but really doubt that anyone could sit on top of the iMusic Chair really long by floating on the pool and the built-in speaker is not water-resistant by the way, so be cautious where you use it. Anyway, you could connect your iPod, iPhone or other portable mp3 music player that comes with a 3.5 headphone cable. Simply stash your device in the side pocket and enjoy the music.


This inflatable iMusic Chair is designed to hold up to 220 lbs of weight as a couch, no doubt it will hardly survive a pressure from a body weight over 220lbs. Along with the package, you will find foot pump for quick inflating as well as using instructions.


The dimension of this iMusic chair is approx. 45.28-inch in diameter when fully inflated or about 3 feet 9-inch. Ideal for your first apartment or home where you hardly have any penny remaining for a real elite couch, we think we’ve all been there and it was fun, sitting on something that’s likely 95% consists of air.


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