When comes to children gadget, have you been thinking of getting a tablet for your young kid? Raising a child especially nowadays are a challenging task to do, and depend on your philosophy, you might not want to risk an iPad or a Samsung Galaxy Tab for your children simply to let them learn more mobile computing in their early age.

InnoPad is one little tablet introduced by VTech that comes with childproof features that designed with “kid-tough” feature to survive the harsh usage of a child at the age between 4 to 9 years old.


VTech’s InnoPad childproof tablet is designed with a standard tilt-sensor for gaming input and there are also other basic features including USB data port, microphone jacks, an SD card slot for expansion storage and headphone jack for music listening.

Parents could either download the digital material which could be synched to the device from the company site or could also buy the learning cartridges, which will be available this coming fall.


  • VTech InnoPad = USD79.99
  • Each Software Title = USD24.99

[ Source: Coated ; Ubergizmo ; VTech ]