Innovative Weber State University’s students have succesfully compiled a way of creating 3D HD video using two Kodak HD Zx1 Cameras attached to an aluminum bar on a 6.5cm baseline of human’s eyes.

Let’s roll the video below from Ron Proctor for more information…



The theory is simply putting two camera cell phones at the eye widths to record the same object, the recorded video will be separate using Red and Blue color layers and processed using a video editing software to synchronise the video streams. The Red layer is for left eye, while the Blue layer for the right eyes. In this way, combination of both layers will create a 3D HD video when combined into one piece of video.

Recording results are quite impressive. The rig it’s self looks like a simple setup with the complex part being the video editing side and making sure the left and right channels are synchronised correctly. For a setup costing $250 though you should be able to create some good results.

More info from Weber University here.