The new generation of Ivy Bridge processor has been officially introduced by Intel this week. The new Ivy Bridge processor is designed to have a 22nanometer transistor, or about 10 nanometer smaller than the previous generation of Sandy Bridge processor.

This new Ivy Bridge processors are meant to offer 20 percent faster data transfer speed useful for multitasking as well as multimedia functions in comparison to previous processors. This remarkable upgrade of transfer speed is possible owing to integration and supports for both Thunderbolt and USB3.0 technology on the new Ivy Bridge processors.


It simply means faster transfer from digital cameras, external hard drives as well as smartphones. Faster gameplay? Absolutely, and good news is, computer manufacturers are planning to get this new Ivy processors for over 270 new all-in-one pc, laptops as well as desktop computer at similar price or little increase on computer prices.


[ Source: Venture Beat ; Intel ]