A very futuristic smart vehicle concept called Intelligent Horse was introduced by Honda that might takes us hundres of years ahead into future where a world disrupted by the impact of meteor shower that resulting heat and drought have wiped out most of human being’s technology, road infrastructures and life that we know.

The Intelligent Horse vehicle concept is designed to suit dangerous environment, where vehicle needs to be highly efficient, lightweight, strong, functional characteristics of bones, built-in artificial intelligence and additive technology.


The artifical intelligence technology will work seamlessly with nanotechnology to give everyboday the power to produce material resources and parts for the vehicle locally.

Meanwhile, the additive technology is meant to become a revolutionary attempt to generate very small or especially very large parts in a highly efficient manner that save weight and resources while improving the strength and flexibility of the vehicle.


In short, Honda’s Intelligent Horse (IH) vehicle concept combines both the character and simplicity of a horse with the latest structural, safety and technological innovation.

[ Source: Autoblog ; Honda Intelligent Horse ]