Got music talent flowing in your blood? Or guitar and drum are breaths to your life? Following Interactive Rock T-Shirt should be one of your collection! The Interactive Rock T-Shirt looks exactly like an ordinary t-shirt, the difference, is on the buttons located on the guitar neck’s image.


Interactive Rock T-shirt will play major chord that has been pre-recorded on a real electric guitar, so it will produce sound similar to real electric guitar. You will also find two magnetic picks that will allow you to strum the guitar by simply waving the pick over the strings. Only this time, it is not as heavy as the real drum or guitar, and of course, not so expensive as the real one.

A mini amp attached to your belt comes with a tone knob that will let you adjust the sound. The electronic components could be removed and you could wash the t-shirt as if ordinary t-shirt in the washing machine. All the Interactive Rock T-Shirt needs is 4 AAA batteries for the volume.

These Interactive Rock T-shirt come in 3 sizes of:

  1. small (28” chest, 43–55lbs),
  2. medium (30” chest, 56-73lbs) and
  3. large (32” chest, 74–100lbs)

Price: USD29.99 [ Interested? Buy Interactive Rock T-shirt here ]

[ Source: Gizmag ; ThinkGeek ]