The latest news about Apple [ AAPL ] is the rumor regarding the release of iPhone 4G into the market.  And according to Apple’s past behavior, they likely will also announced the next generation of iPhone after the release of a major software update.


However, according to TFTS‘ sneak peak at Apple’s calendar during the WWDC events, they doubted that Apple is going to release the new generation of iPhone by this coming June.

What ever the outcome on iPhone 4G, we think the most important thing is, how big the impact of iPhone’s next generation will bring changes to the mobile industry? Will it expand its battery lifespan to few weeks, will it get us cheaper cost per call, a cheaper price of the unit, or will there be any 3D/Holographic features?

We think that’s more likely what broad consumer would really like to know, and love to hear, don’t you agree?