Did you ever feel the urge to yell or sing aloud in the middle of the night? Well, if you have been through such weird feeling due to some unreasonable working pressures, here is a little gadget that would allow you to scream to your highest possible octave level while maintain extreme ‘low noise’ to your next door or neighbors.

Introduced by Japantrendshop, the ‘iPhone iPad Noiseless USB Karaoke Mic Mute mic sound proof microphone’ is probably the most weirdo product in 2012 that might just help user in releasing the pressure inside their chest facing extreme stressful or extreme happy condition.


You could sing aloud or yell crazily inside the iPhone iPad Noiseless USB Karaoke Mic Mute mic sound proof microphone and unlikely to get any complains from your next door neighbors. You could easily plug the USB Karaoke Mic Mute sound proof microphone into your iDevice and run a Sega karaoke app for self karaoke without assaulting or worrying about unpleasant responds from your next door neighbors.


Plugged in any normal earbuds to your iPad or iPhone and you could listen to the combination of your voice and the karaoke music for optimal enjoyment. The bundled microphone is about any standard karaoke’s microphone, but it comes with an audio jack that could be easily inserted into your iPhone or iPad.



The iPhone iPad Noiseless USB Karaoke Mic Mute mic sound proof microphone mouth cover is washable, and you could download the associated karaoke app free from the Apple iTunes store.

Price: USD93 [ For worldwide shipping, price subject to additional USD20 ]

[ Source: 7Gadgets ; JapanTrendShop ]