Remember the Cybertecture Mirror? Introduced back in October last year, the Cybertecture Mirror is going to have a 32-inch LCD display that fronted by a 37-inch fog-resistant mirror, powered by a Linux-based proprietary operating system and support streaming internet TV over a wired LAN or wireless 802.11b/g/n connection.

But be careful ladies, this might not be a good mirror for doing your morning make up, you might end up leaving some unshaded area on your face while  finish watching the news or videos streamed over the WiFi router! 😉


This intelligent Cybertecture mirror created by James Law could also augment your reflected image with weather and news, checking messages or displaying social network feeds. You will be able to watch a TV program, provide crucial information about your health’s state including information such as body fat, muscle mass, body weight and bone mass.

Users can also interact with the Cybertecture Mirror using their smartphones and a free distributed smartphone app or the included handheld remote, that has onscreen virtual keyboard for text input and a 20 password-protected profiles can be saved on the 8GB built-in internal storage.


The Cybertecture Miror could even act as your personal exercise coach! Too complicated? You bet, moreover, the 32 x 20 x 3.14-inch (815 x 507 x 80 mm) dimension Cybertecture Mirror with 55 pound (25 kg) in weight also sports audio-in as well as video-in ports and comes with built-in 3W RMS output stereo speakers and a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Some bloggers have been questioning why the complex Cybertecture Mirror design lack the USB input and SD card slot? Probably James consider that users could store the media content to a WiFi connected storage?


Suitable for placing inside your elite five stars bed room, wash room, exclusive toilet or even inside the shower where water unlikely to splash on the mirror. Cybertecture Mirror itself is designed with moisture-proof and anti-fogging mirror technology, available in either a white or black casing.

Cybertecture has local distributors in Europe, Hong Kong, China and India. Not living at those countries? You could inquire to become the distributor by writing an email to James, right here.

Photos & Images: James Law’s Cybertecture

Price Range: USD3,600 ~ USD7,700.- [ including the installation cost ]

[ Source: James Law – Cybertecture Mirror ]