Remember Yves Rossy? The flying jetman is now attaching two L-39C Albatros planes form Breitling Jet Team to the existing 4 turbojets to his world’s only custom built wing.

Yves has been the news headlines back in 2008 when he first crossed the English Channel, and now the new wingspan is 2m wide and weighing 55 kgs (121lbs) with fully fueled, 30kg about 66 lbs.


The new Jetman’s custom built wing is equipped with Jet-Cat P200 turbojet engines, at 22 kilograms thrust each that will propel the Jetman into the sky at 300 km/h (180mph) top speed or an average 200 km/h of speed.


The disappointing point is the amount of fuel on board that only allow Yves to fly about 10 minutes in the sky, not a long journey after all, and it will need a parachute for landing, though.

[ Source: TechEBlog ; Yves Rossy – Jetman ]