Loves drinking while browsing or playing pc games? The chances are, you might get your keyboard spilled with the drinks, while not all keyboard are waterproof or at least water-resistant, the latest K310 full-size keyboard from Logitech is designed to repel dirt, dust, food residue as well as spills of liquid onto the keyboard.

At the least this will remove any unnecessary headaches regarding keyboard cleaning, you could submerge the K310 keyboard into water and complete the cleaning. Unlike the conventional keyboard, this Logitech K310 keyboard is designed with chiclet keys that allow the keyboard cleaning simple without having to worry about the gaps below those keyboard’s keys.


The chiclet keys themselves are laser printed and further protected using UV coating, mainly to ensure that the keys’ characters are durable and won’t fade easily during the wet wash using mild detergent. The Logitech K310 keyboard comes with white chiclet keys design, adding the F-keys, number pad and 12 hot keys for instant access to volume, play, email, internet browser and more.

Let’s roll the video for the water-proof demo…

Logitech claims that those keys on K310 will survive up to five million keystrokes!

Logitech K310 keyboard is now available, right here!

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