Being a spy without appropriate gadget might leave traces all over the places. Writing instrument is probably one of less mentioned spy gadget in recent years, but you might have heard about the disappearing ink pens before?
KGB-Disappearing-ink-pen-before-n-afterFollowing writing gadget is called KGB Disappearing Ink Pens that has a special gel ink developed by real KGB scientists during the cold war that is originally made in Russia, that will completely disappear after 48 hours of writing. Let’s roll the video for more info about the KGB Disappearing Ink Pens from Russia…

KGB-Disappearing-ink-penWith no more hard evidence, how could any lawyer or government agency sue a secret agent for nothing? The special ink will faded once and for all after 48 hours, leaving no detectable traces even to UV scanners, provided of course, you write lightly on the paper without leaving any writing marks on the paper after the ink disappear!

Price: USD12.99 [ Interested? KGB Disappearing Ink Pen is not currently available, however we have found the best alternative, and you can find the link below from Amazon]

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