The first time I watched the Kickass movie I thought it was all about comedy movie, but there’s a point in the movie about daring the audience to chase for his/her own dream, even if your dream is something ‘odd-ly’ enough that might cause other to explode their belly for laughing.


It was a great comic book, and a pretty good movie. It had funny jokes, awesome action scenes, and just enough self-awareness to rise above the ridiculousness of its premise. To celebrate the flick, has created a line of Kick-Ass inspired headphones.

They come in four models and retail for $29.99 each, there’s a group shot (shown above), and three based on individual characters. They’re a perfect accessory for today’s urban crime-fighter. Have a look and decide which one is for you.

Starting Price: USD24.99

[ Source: Walyou ; Superherostuff ]