Gamers that enjoy interactive gaming on motion sensing device, here comes the good news for you! Microsoft have decided to reduce the price of their Xbox 360 Kinect motion controller in U.S, North America, Latin America as well as Asia Pacific regions where Kinect is available to purchase.

This price reduction announcement is made by Microsoft through their Major Nelson website officially, effective starting August 23rd, 2012 in U.S local time. We have checked with other major online kinect retailer while unfortunately the price is still hanging around $129, probably will take another week prior the price really get down to the level of the new price adjustment at $109 by Microsoft.

While for Australia and New Zealand kinect gamers, you will probably have to wait until October 4th this year prior able to see further price reduction in your countries, while there will be no price drop consideration from Microsoft for EMEA and Japan countries.


Price will be down permanently in Latin America, Asia Pacific regions as well as North America, while Australia and New Zealand will have the permanent reduction on October 4th onward. Hopefully this is an indication from Microsoft to gamers across the world about their secret planning to release their next generation of Xbox later this year? Keep your finger crossed…

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