Kinesis Advantage Pro Keyboard is designed with unique patented shape that will provide extra comfort as it is adjusted to natural angle of human hands and would provide satisfactory relief whenever you do keyboard typing.


This is especially useful for those typists that have issues of pain and strain elbow or neck as a result of long term typing habits using those conventional keyboards.

Users will likely find increase of their productivity after using Kinesis Advantage Pro Keyboard for a while. Group of people that will benefit most is likely programmers, transcriptionist, accountants or any other job that has long term typing requirements.


Kinesis Advantage Pro keyboard is prescribed by physician therapy keyboard, it will be able to correct your hands and elbow posture back to its natural angle and typing is much more fun and enjoyable than conventional bluetooth or USB wireless keyboard. A cheaper version would be the Kinesis Advantage keyboard that priced about USD100.- below the Advantage Pro keyboard.

Both Kinesis Advantage Pro and Kinesis Advantage Keyboard are using USB base interface.

USD320.- [ buy Kinesis Advantage Pro Keyboard here ]
USD269.- [ buy Kinesis Advantage Keyboard here ]

[ Source: Amazon ; Kinesis ]