ESP 3250 and ESP 5250 are the new all-in-one printers made by Kodak that will soon arrive in the market for middle-lower budget printer segment.

The ESP320 and ESP5250 are using Kodacolor technology that will let users enjoy very affordable ink. Probably this is one of Kodak’s strategy to absorb the ink refill market of middle-lower segment.



Both models are pretty similar in outlook, the differences are ESP3 is a wired version with a 1.5-inch LCD display, while the ESP 5250 is the wireless version with Wi-fi connectivity and a smaller 2.4″ LCD display.

Theoritically, Kodacolor technology could let user save up to $110 annually in ink replacement costs, however, since the product is a new comer in the market, no users report has been obtained for this issue so far.

ESP 3250 = USD130.-
ESP 5250 = USD170.-

[ Source: Gizmodo ; Kodak ]