Kodak ESP Office 6150 AiO Printer offers 4-in-1  flexibility for print, fax, scan and copy on the same unit. Kodak ESP Office 6150 AiO Printer is now capable of printing and sharing directly from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch using an application from Apple’s iStore called Kodak Pick Flick App.


Kodak-Pic-Flick-App-4-stepsBy far, Kodak has claimed to have the cheapest total ink replacement in the market, and now they are getting connected via wi-fi, it could be the sign that Kodak will soon penetrate the wireless printing market. Kodak ESP Office 6150 AiO Printer offers an “intuitive control panel,” which means you’ll be able to do all your paper needs from both a touchscreen display, as well as a more physical, button-filled fashion.

Kodak-esp-office-6150-AiO-printerAnd it has been a question why other printer manufacturer has yet released similar wireless printing devices into the market. Is it wait and see attitude?

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Best Price Offer : USD192.94 [ buy Kodak ESP Office 6150 AiO Printer here ]

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