One look at Kuri the robot nanny and you’re surely to fall in love with it deeply.

This tiny, state-of-the-art mobile security camera is just as cool as you’d expect it to be — plus so much more.

It’s a walking, thinking, CCTV camera that’s equipped with all things security that one would usually need.

Kuri can capture HD pictures and videos in various lighting conditions through a camera that’s neatly in place behind one of the robot’s round, attractive eyes.

Kuri Speaking Robot Nanny

Kuri Speaking Robot Nanny

Price: $699.00


This adorable moving CCTV can also detect unusual sounds as well as react to your voice through four of its strategically placed microphones, which are sensitive enough to precisely locate the sources of the sounds that it hears.

It is also through this technology that Kuri is able to react responsively and investigate the source of the suspicious sounds accordingly.

Equipped with speakers powerful enough to fill a room, this puny robot-camera also has the ability to play music or podcasts, imitate the sounds from its owners, as well as speak its very own robot language.

With a highly sophisticated laser-based sensor array, Kuri’s mapping sensors gives this robot-security camera the ability to navigate the premises it’s at autonomously — as well as quickly learn and remember where things are located, giving it the ability to avoid stairs and other obstacles in no time and extremely accurately.

Kuri’s drive system is just another reason that makes it undeniably impressive.

With its powerful yet small enough electric locomotive motors, it can move around the premises it’s at effortlessly regardless of the flooring.

Kurt Side Pic

Kuri has no problem moving around carpets and thresholds with its big enough electric wheels.

Those adorable eyes that Kuri likes to captivate its audience with can also flawlessly look up, down, and even gaze side to side, thanks to the intricate gestural mechanics that it’s so wonderfully equipped with.

But while Kuri possesses most things one could possibly need from a domestic robot-camera, it still falls short of the conveniences that other devices — such as the Alexa — could bring its owners.

Nevertheless, Kuri is without a doubt one useful security camera and adorable, witty robot all rolled into one.