Searching for stylish and prestige looking four-wheelers? You might want to know latest news about the breakthrough of headlighting from BMW. BMW is planning to change the headlight for its vehicle using laser light, that not only more energy efficient, but also more fuel savings.

Owing to the ‘coherent light source, with constant phase of waves, BMW says the laser head-lighting is capable to generate a near-parallel beam offering intensity at a thousand times greater than standard LEDs.


Furthermore, the laser head-lighting is claimed consume less than half the energy required by standard LED headlights, which apparently, would lead to more fuel savings. Compares to any standard LED lighting that generate around 100 lumens per watt, laser lighting is capable to produce around 170 lumens of brightness per watt.

BMW says the laser lighting technology is compatible with its current range of lighting technologies, including the ‘Adaptive Headlights’, the ‘Dynamic Lighting Spot’ spotlighting system and the ‘Anti-Dazzle High-Beam Assist.’

You will be able to witness the BMW’s laser head-lighting on BMW i8 concept, on which will commence for production by 2013.

[ Source: Gizmag ; BMW ]