Are you one of the Star Wars fans? Wicked Laser have a cool and dangerous gadget called LaserSaber that pretty much resemble the Light Saber in Star Wars’ movies.
You could read a letter from David Anderman, General Counsel for Lucasfilm that make the Star Wars movies:

“It has come to our attention that a company called Wicked Lasers is selling a highly dangerous product out of Hong Kong that is designed to look like a lightsaber from Star Wars. This product is not licensed or approved by Lucasfilm in any way. We have demanded that Wicked Lasers immediately cease and desist their infringing activities. As Wicked Lasers itself admits, this product can cause serious injury to the user and other people. We strongly discourage consumers from purchasing it.”

You might have been asking how the LaserSaber works? The laser energy that enters the LaserSaber is first diffused by a built-in optical element, then the diffused laser will enter the internal diffuser tube, which distributes the laser’s energy evenly along the transparent ‘polycarbonate tube’ blade.

Inside the diffuser tube, there is a metal sphere which is suspended permanently inside. This sphere’s movement caused by gravity creates the beam grow effects. There is a magnet hidden in the tip of the blade, which causes the ball to magnetically lock in place. The magnetic lock can be disengaged by bumping the S3 laser with sufficient force.

The LaserSaber’s blade itself is about 32-inches long, 1/8-inch walled polycarbonate tube, wholly made in the USA. In order to get player the real feeling of the Jedi’s battle, the blade is built with strong and high durable design, one of the weak points will be, the LaserSaber comes without sound effects, as if the lightsaber on Star Wars’ movie, and it should only be operated in a controlled environment by professionals, since these LaserSabers contain highly powerful and dangerous lasers, players and observers should always wear safety goggles at all times.

The LaserSaber’s handle part is made of hard anodized T6061 aircraft grade aluminum hilt material giving solid and stylish light saber outlook for the user.

This should be world’s first and only LaserSaber, giving a radiant pulses on the blade with powerful energy and featuring an ultra smooth magnetic gravity system that could power up and power down the blade.


The LaserSaber maintains its radiant brilliance even when the lights are on. The LaserSaber is interchangeable and will attach to any Spyder 3 model. The aircraft grade aluminum hilt ensures secure attachment of the blade. Due to the extreme powers of the Spyder 3, only operate while wearing LaserShades in a controlled environment.


Even though Wicked Lasers have declare clearly on their website that LaserSaber is not affiliated with Lucasfilm or Star Wars in any way, and is a registered trademark of Wicked Laser, Lucasfilms still would like the lasersaber to be removed from the market.

Wicked Lasers’ Lasersaber is being sold for USD99.95

Side note: the Lasersaber accessory will work with any S3 laser.

[ Source: Wicked Laser – LaserSaber ]