Latro Lamp is an algae base green energy lamp. Latro Lamp will stores energy from algae on day time and release wonderful time-released light during the night. Designed by Mike Thompson, Latro Lamp’s principle is harvesting energy extracted from algae’s photosynthesis process, including carbon dioxide and water that take place in a glass chamber resembling a huge glass bottle.


The word Latro is latin meaning for thief, the Latro Lamp concept incorporates the natural energy potential of algae and the functionality of a hanging lamp into its design. You could even use your breath to provide those algae with CO2 or simply placing the lamp outdoor for more daylight.

Developed in 2010, by scientists from Yansei and Stanford University using a pioneering technique where 30-nanometre wide gold electrodes were inserted into the photosynthesising organs – chloroplasts – of algal cells, and capable to draw a small electrical current from algae during photosynthesis.

The harvested photosynthesis energy will be able to be stored in a built in battery for usage when the night comes. Owners of Latro are required to treat the algae like a pet – feeding and caring for the algae rewarding them with light.

However, this is still in a concept phase, no info on mass production and pricing yet.

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