Ever tired of sweeping the falled leaves in your garden or backyard? One neat solution is to get the leaf blowers to end your fall leaf cleanup nightmare for good. Following gas powered leaf blower from Briggs & Stratton is designed with three functionality of Leaf Vacuum, Chipper as well as Blower.

Depends on the leaf falling and wind condition, if it is dry and no big wind around, you could choose to use the blower for easy gathering and cleaning of the fallen leaves, but if it is a bit moist or wet with bunch of fallen tree branches, you might want to use the vacuum as well as the chipper function instead.


The chipper is capable to chip branches with thickness up to 2-inch, by feeding them into the solid cast aluminum cone. By pushing the leaf blowers through your yard or garden, you could get a 24-inch wide path as it vacumms up leaves and lawn debris.

The specially designed Y-flail blades is meant to reduce the debris and blow it into the 4-bushle collection bag where you can direct the mulch back into the lawn. The unit converts on the fly, making it great device for cleaning sidewalks, driveways and parking lots. CBV-2465B leaf blower’s collection bag features a hooded vent to reduce dust and directs dust down and away from operator, the 6.5hp engine makes this 3-in-1 leaf blower into a powerful outdoor gardening tool that professional gardeners would love to own.


Probably the only leaf vacuum that capable to handle heavy oak leaves, it vacuums them up with ease in mere one pass, even pulling them up from long grass. The engine starts easily, even when in cold weather. Small branches mixed with the leaves don’t phase it.

Backed up with a 2 year warranty for homeowners and 180-day for commercial users, would you get one for your own?

Briggs & Strattton’s leaf blower are available, right here!